We are continuously in search of developers, designers and marketing specialists involved in the mobile phone and platform market who could join our team. If you are willing to develop being part of a team of professionals, extremely passionate about what they do, send your resumé on, and you are sure to get an answer.
For instance, at the moment we are looking for

Developer of applications for Windows 10


  • 1. C# skills
  • 2. Knowledge of the basic project templates
  • 3. Experience in working with Windows 10 SDK; or Windows Phone SDK/Windows 8 SDK
  • 4. Knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures
  • 5. Being able to form a preliminary assessment of work in terms of time
  • 6. Technical English (for reading documentation)

If you want to create products for real users and famous brands, such as Microsoft and Yandex? Just email us: